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The enormous advancement in the biological sciences that is taking place has begun to change the traditional way of practicing medicine. Far-reaching biological products are being approved and news about breakthroughs are occupying the headlines. However, selecting biotechnology firms in which to invest requires not only an understanding of the company's finances, but also a knowledge of the company's potential and the potential and scientific validity of it's products and technologies.



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Prohost evaluates biotechnology companies, their products and technologies, their scientists and managers, as well as their finances. Our goal is to impart our readers with the knowledge and insight so that they may have a heightened understanding and appreciation for the biotechnology industry. We hope this newfound insight can help our readers identify the newest blockbuster technologies and discover the next industry leaders.



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Prohost is the premier biotechnology newsletter.  In printed form, The Prohost Biotechnology Newsletter has been in circulation since 1992.  Our readers are comprised of fund managers, investors, medical professionals and all kinds of individuals with one common interest.....biotechnology.  Prohost publishes a Newsletter and various articles related to the biotechnology industry.  All of which are posted on our website at www.prohostbiotech.com.  A subscription to Prohost provides the Newsletter and an all access pass to the features on our website.  Prohost has been ranked #1 from among 355 publications by an independent accounting firm hired by Select Information Exchange (SIE).  Newsletters were rated based on their performances over the two-year period in 1999 and 2000. 

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