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Monthly Prohost Letters comprising of three parts: 1. A recap of the biotech firms’ activities during the  passing month. 2. An overview of what the sciences and technologies have reached beyond the horizon and the firms contributing to the breakthroughs, or would benefit from them. 3. Presentations of the most promising firms in within the various disciplines they specialize in. The monthly letter will also include the previous month performance of Prohost’s near-term choices and the choices of the next in line of fundamentally-sound biotech firms.

2. - Weekly Company Commentary & Insight

The weekly "members only" articles comprise rules to follow in assessing biotech firms. They are loaded with commentary and insight information about the handpicked companies and products that reflect the purpose of investing in the biotech industry. Reasons for considering the TOP TEN picks are cited and reasons for temporarily ending the privileges of some of them are also cited.

3. - More Stock Updates & Information

Comments bringing more insight for members only will be posted every now and then in order to explain the motives and expectations from the Prohost free-posted articles. Great achievements do not always have a game changing effect in the near-term. All depends on how and how long it would take the breakthroughs to translate into tangible products that would impact the firms’ finances.         



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